FAT 32 Drive Defrag Software

Best Way to Defrag FAT32 Drive

Are you finding your system speed slow as compare to its prior speed or your flash drive is taking more time in copying or transferring files? If yes, then you must try for defragmentation of hard drive partitions data. It is very usual with computer users that they find their system’s performance decreasing in regular interval of time. It is just because of improper alignment of data on FAT32 drive space. You can regain system speed and boot up its performance easily if you succeeded to defrag FAT32 drive and for this crucial task, you need an effective tool. For this purpose, there are some tools in your hand but when it comes to high proficiency and best performance, there remains only one application and it is Defrag Drive. It is the best application appreciated and recommended by computer experts as it makes defrag operation too easy and secure.

Generally, system’s performance based on the time required to access data in memory. Performance will be better if the file management in hard drive space is properly. Usually, fragmentation of data depends on what memory management algorithm is being used. During regular use of computer and USB devices having FAT32 file system, content of large files get spread randomly in the drive space. Due to fragmentation of FAT drive content, it takes some extra time to locate and access file content when there is a call to particular file. Similarly, during the file copy operation, processor takes extra time for searching space in memory and it directly affects system performance as it is taking more time to locate and access data on hard drive FAT partition. Defrag Drive is an easy to use application that allows users to defrag hard drive partitions such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, ExFAT etc in an effective way.

To stop system performance to be slothful some user attempts to format FAT partitions but it is not clever technique to enhance system speed as such operations leads to loss of data completely from hard drive. Therefore, defragmentation is the only way and it can perform by the help of the software. The main advantage of defragmentation of drive is better use of memory and amount of time decreases in accessing files. After defragmentation process, it settles the file content in a contiguous location so that it can be accessed sequentially. Apart from this, there are some precautionary steps, which should be followed by users in order to avoid system performance getting slow and these are keeping Windows registry clean in a particular interval of time period , install and check for updates of the applications you have installed in your system, use of antivirus program etc. However, to get rid of all problems in only one attempt is to defrag hard disk using the software.

Here are few points to be considered before starting defragmentation process:

  • Uninstall applications, which are not in use
  • Terminate all programs, which are running as it may affect process time
  • Delete all temporary and useless files

You can employ this tool to defrag hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, Flash drives, memory sticks and other storage devices on all latest Windows computers. If you have Windows7 computer, click here http://www.defragdrive.com/windows-7.html to defrag storage device.

Simple steps to defrag FAT32 drive:

Step 1: Download and install Defrag Drive software on the computer and launch it to open its main screen. Select FAT32 drive to perform defragmentation process as shown in fig a.

Defrag FAT32 Drive - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: It will dispaly the complete drive analysis report as shown in fig b.

Defrag FAT32 Drive - FAT32 Drive Analysis

Figure b: FAT32 Drive Analysis

Step 3: In this window, you can select the complete drive or particular file type to defrag as shown in fig c.

Defrag FAT32 Drive - Select Defrag Option

Figure c: Select Defrag Option

Step 4: Click on "Next" option to view the defragmentation status report and then click on "Finish" tab to end the process.