Defrag Flash Drive

Tool to Defrag Flash Drive

Even though flash drive is a safe, secure, and reliable storage drive, there are times when most of the users face the situation where flash drive takes too much time to respond. Most often this might happen when the storage space on the flash drive is either full or the files on the flash drive are fragmented due to insufficient memory space. If this kind of circumstance happens to you, the foremost question will be how to overcome this crisis? However, in such drastic scenarios, no need to worry. As, Drive Defragmentation software will help you to perform defragmentation of flash memory drive.

Are you sick of your flash drive taking too much time to complete even the simplest tasks? This often happens with most of the users. Most of the time this happens due to fragmentation of data on the flash drive. The flash drive is fragmented due to various reasons. But the ultimate result is that it slows down the flash drive performance. However, no need to fret if something like this happens. As you can fix this kind of problems by using efficient defragmentation software. Defrag Drive is one such robust tool which performs the defrag operation of various types of flash drives which are available over the market. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to defrag Windows 7 hard drive partition. It provides two modes of defragmentation, which facilitates you to select the specific types of data.

To carry out the defrag operation efficiently, you need to perform a few simple tasks, which are as listed below.

  • Delete all unwanted files and close all programs before commencing the defrag operation. Because it might hinder the defragmentation process.
  • Delete all temporary files that are stored on your computer.
  • Make sure that you have stopped all automatic update operations like antivirus scanning which happens at a particular period of time.

By defragmenting the flash drive, you would be able to speed up the performance of the flash drive and other drives with FAT32 file system. Since the defragmenting process brings all the files and folders back to the original place where they are supposed to be. Thus, you can access the files efficiently resulting in an increase in the performance of the flash memory drive.

Besides flash drive, Defrag Drive software performs hard disk defragmentation and also defrags various types of storage drives like USB drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, etc that can be accessed through the computer. This tool performs defrag flash drive process and thereafter you will notice rise in performance of your flash drive. In addition to this, it can also perform NTFS drive defragmentation process on all types of Windows operating systems. To know more regarding how to defrag NTFS drive, click here

Simple steps to defrag flash drive

Step 1: Download Defrag Drive utility and install it on your computer/laptop then connect the flash drive to computer through USB  and open its home window to select the flash drive to carry out the defragmentation process as shown in fig I.

Defrag Flash Drive - Home Window

Figure I: Home Window

Step 2: You can view the complete details about the flash drive data that is fragmented as shown in fig II.

Defrag Flash Drive - Flash Drive Data Details

Figure II: Flash Drive Data Details

Step 3: Select either of deep defragmentation mode or of quick defragmentation mode option as shown in fig III.

Defrag Flash Drive - Select Defrag Mode Type

Figure III: Select Defrag Mode Type

Step 4: To view the defragmentation status report, click on "Next" option and then click on "Finish" option to conclude the defragmentation.