Defrag Hard Drive

How to Defrag HDD?

Most of the users never know why their computer is running slowly. Most often this may happen when the data stored on computer hard drive is fragmented.  Just like a car, a computer also needs a regular maintenance so often to keep it working efficiently. If the computer is running slowly due to fragmentation of data, then the foremost question that arises in most of the computer user's mind is how to overcome this crisis and how to speed up computer performance?. If you ever face this kind of situation, no need to fret.  As there are numerous tool  available over the internet to help you in such kind of drastic situations. Defrag Drive Software is one such strong tool which helps you to defrag any kind of fragmented data.

If you save large amount of data on computer hard drive then the files will unevenly spread out over the complete hard drive. This will take a large period of time to read or write any data on the hard drive. More importantly it reduces the overall speed of the computer. Most of the times this happens when you store large amount of data over the hard disk or when its storage capacity is full. In such situations, the data stored on such partitions becomes fragmented. Thus you will be left in an annoying circumstance.  To get rid of fragmented data, you need to defrag it using an efficient defrag hard drive software. However, when it comes to defrag hard drive fragmented data, Defrag Drive is the best tool available over the world. Furthermore, one can also use this tool to perform NTFS drive defragmentation operation on NTFS partitions of Windows computer. To know more how to defrag NTFS drive, click here

The following are the few important tips which you need to remember when you performing the defragmentation of computer hard disk.

  • Uninstall all the programs/software which are not required.
  • Delete all unwanted files which occupy your valuable disk space.
  • Make sure that you have closed all the applications when they are not required. This will ensure that the computer is not busy during the defragmentation process.

After completing all the above mentioned tasks, you can easily carry out the defragmentation process. Defrag Drive tool collects all the data which is  spread as chunks over the complete hard disk and collect all those data chunks and then performs defragmentation process. This tool simply enhances the speed of computers  up to 100%. In addition to hard disk drives, you can also perform flash drive defragmentation process by using this tool. This tool enhances the probabilities of retrieving files, in case if you delete the files.

Simple steps to defrag hard drive

Step 1: Download Defrag Drive software and install it on your laptop or computer, then open its first window to select any partition to carry out the defragmentation process as shown in fig A.

Defrag Hard Drive - First Window

Figure A: First Window

Step 2: You can view the complete drive analysis report as shown in fig B.

Defrag Hard Drive - Drive Analysis

Figure B: Drive analysis

Step 3: Choose either of the options; deep defragmentation mode or quick defragmentation mode option to perform the defrag operation as shown in fig C.

Defrag Hard Drive - Choose Defrag Type

Figure C: Choose Defrag Type

Step 4: To view the defragmentation status, click on "Next" and then click on "Finish" tab to end the defragmentation.