Defrag Memory Stick

How to Defrag Memory Stick?

Memory sticks is the most commonly used storage media for portable devices such as camera, camcorders, cell phones, PSPs, music players and other devices. The capacity of memory stick ranges from 4MB to 256GB. If you have a standard memory stick, then you can carry gigabytes of data inside your pocket. But as noting is permanent in this world, the performance of these drives degrades after particular span of time.

Why my memory stick is taking this much time to copy single file? Why it’s not responding properly? These are some common queries asked by memory stick users across the world. Most of the memory stick user users face this kind of problem and they don’t know how to solve such issues. Such instances generally happen, when the storage space on the memory stick is either full or the files on the memory stick are fragmented due to insufficient memory space.

When you store huge amount of information on your memory stick, it get stored in fragmented form. This data fragmentation will reduce the flash drive performance. Are you struggling with the similar kind of situation? Is your memory stick taking too much time to open files? Are frustrated from you memory stick? Then be calm and relaxed! As you easily can speed your old memory stick response as the brand new one by using proficient Defrag Drive Software.

Defrag drive is the best way to perform the defragmentation operation on various types of memory sticks and FAT32 drives. Using this tool you can defrag the fragmented and enhance the response time of your memory stick. To execute defrag operation properly you need to complete some basic tasks like first you need to delete all useless files and close all the application before executing the defrag process. If you did not do so, you defragmentation process may obstruct in between. Remove all temporary files that are stored on your memory stick. While connecting flash card with computer stop all automatic update operations like antivirus scanning.

If you follow the above mentioned tasks correctly, then you can easily defrag your memory card with the help of defrag drive tool. By defragmenting the memory stick, you would be able to speed up its performance. Since the defragmenting operation bring all the information back to the original place where they are supposed to be. Defragmentation will improves the booting speed of memory stick up to 100%. With the help of this advance application you can easily perform hard disk defragmentation in very less span of time.This happen because, defragmentation process brings all data back to the original place where they are supposed to be. Which help you to access the files efficiently and resulting in an increase in the performance of the memory card.

Defragmentation will increases the age of your device by reducing the work load for its read / write head. You can use this utility on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. To know more about defragmentation process on Windows 7, visit the given link:

Perform these simple steps to defrag memory stick:

Step 1: Download and Install Defrag Drive utility on your system. Connect the memory stick to computer through USB and then open the main window of the application to select the memory stick to carry out the defragmentation process as illustrated in fig I.

Defrag Memory Stick - Home Window

Figure I: Main Window

Step 2: You can view the complete details about the memory stick files which are fragmented as illustrated in fig II.

Defrag Memory Stick - Memory Stick Data Details

Figure II: Memory Stick File Details

Step 3: Select either of deep defragmentation mode or of quick defragmentation mode option as illustrated in fig III.

Defrag Memory Stick - Select Defrag Mode Type

Figure III: Select Defrag Mode Type

Step 4: To view the defragmentation status report, click on "Next" option and then click on "Finish" option to conclude the defragmentation.