Defrag NTFS Drive

A Simple Tool to Defrag Windows NTFS Partition

NTFS is a reliable and performance oriented file system which is designed to have consistent and self healing defragmentation operation. Nonetheless, NTFS drive needs to be defragmented periodically in order to speed up the read and write performance on hard disk. Most often this happens when the information stored on the hard disk drive is fragmented.  If your computer is responding slowly and you’re thinking of how to overcome this crisis, then no need to be anxious. As you can effortlessly come out of this dilemma by using various defragmentation tools. Defrag Drive is one such safe and reliable software which performs hard disk defragmentation operation effectively.

All the computers will commence to run slowly at a certain point in their lifespan. This might be happened most of the time due to the data stored on hard drive is fragmented. Most the people think that the files stored on the computer hard disk drive are stored as a complete unit. However, this is the erroneous belief!!! Files will be spread over the entire partition as small piece of chunks. To speed up the computer performance and maintain it as healthy, you need to defrag it over a regular period of time. Even though Windows OS provides an inbuilt defrag tool, but sometimes the inbuilt tool fails to defrag hard disk due to its large storage space. In such instances, an efficient defrag tool will help you to overcome such drastic circumstances. Defrag Drive software will effectively recollect all the small pieces of data and store them back in the location where they actually intended to be. The Defrag Partition tool is one strong application which helps you to defrag various types of NTFS partitions.

 It boosts the performance of NTFS partition and enhances the booting speed of your computer. Along with the NTFS or NTFS5 partition on hard drive , this tool also performs flash memory drive defragmentation. For complete information, click here This defrag software even enhances the probability of retrieving any deleted or lost files.

This tool comes up with two modes for defraging partitions. The quick defrag  mode of this tool facilitates you to choose the particular type of files to perform the defragmentation operation while the deep defragmentation mode will defrag everything on the selected partition. Furthermore, it can perform Windows 7 partition defrag and also defrags NTFS partitions on all major versions of Windows operating systems.

Simple steps to defrag NTFS drive

Step 1: Download Defrag Drive application and install it on the computer, then open its main window to select NTFS drive to carry out the defragmentation process as shown in fig a.

Defrag NTFS Drive - Main Window

Figure a: Main Window

Step 2: The complete drive analysis report will be as shown in fig b.

Defrag NTFS Drive - Drive Analysis

Figure b: Drive Analysis

Step 3: In this step, you can select the complete drive or particular file type to defrag as shown in fig c.

Defrag NTFS Drive - Select Defrag Type

Figure c: Select Defrag Type

Step 4: Click on "Next" option to view the defragmentation status report and then click on "Finish" option to end the defragmentation process.